Friday top Five: weird things I do when I write

Writers are weird. Just as a breed, we are weird. We get inspiration at the strangest times and the the strangest hours. We carry notebooks around with us for when those strange inspirations come to us. We probably lurk around you like creeps, looking, listening and watching all to perfect our embodiment of human interaction – because you know, we aren’t normal so we have to watch you to figure it out. We drink too much coffee and stay in our pajama’s a lot.

Weird thing 1: I talk to myself. Like, constantly. Not just talk to myself, ask myself questions…and then answer them. I write something and talk it out, I give myself great feedback by the way.

Weird thing 2: I read my book aloud to myself. Especially the dialogue. BUT, it helps me find words and conversations that don’t flow!

Weird thing 3: If I’m right in the thick of it, and on a writing spree – I won’t get up. Not to pee. Not to eat. Not to feed my cats or hamster. My kids make themselves ramen noodles for lunch. I literally cannot get up. Well, I mean I can, but………….

Weird thing 4: I get weird about people reading my work. Yeah, hi, I’m Alyne. I’m an author who published her book but is afraid for you to read it. I need therapy.

Weird thing 5: I cannot write without music on. But I can’t write with the TV on, or other people talking in the background. I’m not so sure how that works, but it does…

Sorry I have ignored my blog this week! Work has been a bear, and I am exhausted every day when I get home.



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